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  • Recognition of our artists.

  • Encouraging and honouring them.

Best Costume Designer Best Costume Designer Best Costume Designer Favourite Dance Crew Lifetime Achievement Award
Best Make Up Artist Best Make Up Artist Best Make Up Artist Favourite Stand-Up Comedians Director Balu Mahendra Awards
Best Art Director Best Art Director Best Art Director K. S. Balachandran Awards
Best Cinematographer Best Cinematographer Best Cinematographer
Best Supporting Actor Best Supporting Actor Best Male Playback Singer
Best Supporting Actress Best Supporting Actress Best Female Playback Singer
Best Editor Best Editor Best Editor
Best Screenplay Writer Best Screenplay Writer Best Lyricist
Best Music Director Best Music Director Best Music Director
Best Film Best Short Film Best Video Song
Best Director Best Director Best Director
Best Actress Best Actress Best Actress
Best Actor Best Actor Best Actor
Best Villain Best Sound Engineering Best Rapper Male
Best Comedian Best Rapper Female
Best Male Playback Singer Best Choreographers
Best Female Playback Singer

Methodology of awarding

Our judges are going to analyse every of the feature films, short films and songs released in 2013, and select 6 artists or 6 products for nomination for each category.

Chosen artists and products are going to be left out for a worldwide voting. European universities based Tamil community and worldwide Tamil communities are going to be able to vote for their favourites.

Final decision is going to be made considering the votes and the quality of the product. This decision will be approved by our judges.

Methods for voting


“Tamilithal” feels proud as it was the first website established for tamil emerging artists.

Although hundreds of other medias were out there to publish news in tamil, they haven’t even taken our artists and their products into consideration. Especially the famous medias operate in foreign lands acquire their earnings through our tamil community. But when it comes to arts, they just bring out Indian cinema news to the big picture. Before “Tamilithal” had been established, artists who had sent their works to those medias were rejected from being published or even recognised saying those were poor in quality and not famous enough to grab public attention.

Tamilithal has inspired people around the world through its growth, accuracy in planning and recognising the youngsters. And this leads to the launching of few other websites for our artists. Tamilithal feels proud to have also made other famous websites to form separate sites just for our artists.

Tamilithal was officially launched by “kalucu web developments” to fullfill our Tamil diasporas’ expectations in the guidence of our own artists on 22.05.2012.

Shortly after the launch, Tamil news that were published in Tamilithal were also copied by other famous websites. Tamilithal considered this as its first victory and as an encouraging factor for Tamil medias.

Right from the start, Tamilithal has not only grabbed the viewers heart, but also made the artists feel like its their own platform. Artists also show their support to Tamilithal by using tamilithal’s logos in their products.

Indian and Malaysian Tamil emerging artists have also been included in order to give a fair opportunity to develop themselves. Tamilithal was started just to support Sri Lankan Tamil artists at first. But from the year 2013, it became a symbol of all tamil emerging artists.

With in the first two years of its inauguration, Tamilithal has reached an unexpected growth. Especially the support being given by the artists and events organisers can not be expressed in words.